Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain is a common issue we might see in our practice at Ireland Clinic of Chiropractic in Anchorage, AK. If you are interested in holistic, non-invasive, and natural methods of pain relief, we are here to help.


What Is Upper Back Pain? 

Upper back pain is generally considered pain that occurs in the area from the base of your neck to the end of your rib cage. The upper back is made up of ligaments and muscles that allow you to move and support your spine. 

Causes of Upper Back Pain

Injuries, including sprains and strains, are one common cause. Arthritis, bulging or herniated discs, and poor posture can also trigger upper back pain. Spinal misalignment can cause back pain, or contribute to other issues, like bulging discs or poor posture, which lead to back pain. 

Poor posture is a common reason because of how many of us crane our necks to look at our phones or other electronic devices. This is sometime referred to as “text neck.”

Treatment for Upper Back Pain 

When you have upper back pain, it can be hard to think about anything other than pain relief. A chiropractor on our team will focus on finding and treating the underlying cause of your pain, instead of only treating the symptoms. Here are some of the methods we might provide.

Chiropractic Adjustment 

Chiropractic adjustment may be the first treatment a chiropractor on our team will recommend for upper back pain. We will use gentle pressure and thrusts to manipulate your joints or vertebrae back into their correct position. Proper spinal alignment can help provide pain relief, improve blood flow, and increase your range of motion. It might also help reduce your risk of injury in the future. 

Massage Therapy 

A muscle injury or muscle tension can cause pain. Massage therapy can help relax your muscles, increase blood flow, you heal from an injury, and relieve upper back pain. 

Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic exercises can also help relieve your pain. A chiropractor on our team will decide which exercises will be helpful, and teach you how to do them correctly. Then, you'll continue them at home. 

These exercises can help strengthen weak muscles, improve your flexibility, and help you maintain proper posture and alignment. 

Get Chiropractic Treatment from a Chiropractor on Our Team for Pain Relief

If you are suffering from upper back pain in Anchorage, AK, contact us at Ireland Clinic of Chiropractic. A chiropractor on our chiropractic care team will determine the cause of your pain, and work with you to develop an effective treatment plan. Call us at (907) 561-1222 for more information.

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