Neck Pain

Neck pain can be especially debilitating, causing you to miss work and disrupt your daily routine until it heals. A skilled and experienced chiropractor at Ireland Clinic of Chiropractic in Anchorage can help relieve the pain caused by common sources of neck pain. Let's explore some of the chiropractic treatments that provide natural pain relief and expedite healing.


Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash is a particularly painful neck injury that typically occurs when you are unexpectedly struck from the back or side. Car accidents and sports activities are the most common causes of whiplash injuries, which our chiropractor can treat using a variety of therapies. Massage, trigger point therapy, and muscle stimulation are among the most effective methods for treating whiplash and providing immediate pain relief.

Massage Therapy Eases Inflammation and Pain

Chiropractic massage helps reduce swelling and inflammation that put pressure on the nerves in and around your neck. This treatment alleviates nerve pressure, improves neck mobility, and offers natural pain relief. Regular massage therapy, two or three times a week, can help expedite your healing process.

Trigger Point Therapy Relaxes Injured Muscles

Trigger point therapy is another form of massage treatment that helps relieve pain and swelling caused by whiplash or other neck injuries affecting soft tissues. It is particularly effective in treating the chronic pain often associated with neck injuries. Our chiropractor applies pressure to trigger points, helping the affected muscle tissue release tension and relax, allowing improved blood flow to the muscle. Toxins are flushed out while beneficial fluids aid in the healing process, reducing neck muscle pain.

Muscle Stimulation Enhances Healing

Muscle stimulation is a common chiropractic treatment involving the use of very low levels of electrical pulses. The chiropractor places electrodes on both sides of a muscle injury and applies a mild electrical current that stimulates the muscle, flushing away toxins. This process promotes the influx of red blood cells, carrying beneficial iron and oxygen to accelerate the healing process. The procedure is painless and significantly aids in natural healing.

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