Can Children Get Subluxations?

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About Subluxations and Chiropractic for Children

Being young is no guarantee that you won’t suffer from some of the same aches and pains adults enjoy. Chiropractors frequently treat children with back pain, neck discomfort, and other symptoms caused by sprains, strains, and blockages.

Parents don't always know that the problem their child is experiencing is due to subluxations. Children have a lot of problems when young -- everything from growing pains to chronic ear infections. Not all of them will relate directly to a subluxation, but it is something for parents to consider, especially if traditional treatments fail to give relief.

Understanding subluxation is the best way for parents to help kids that might be suffering. So, what is a subluxation?

What Is a Subluxation?

Any disturbance inside the spinal nerves is referred to as a subluxation. This interference prevents crucial impulses from reaching the central nervous system via the spinal nerves.

As a result, vital communications between the brain and the body are disrupted. Subluxations, in addition to producing pain and discomfort, can trigger stress signals inside the body, creating inflammation and agitation.

How Do Children Develop These Subluxations?

When talking about back or neck discomfort, it is normal to think about aging, so people don’t associate subluxations with children. However, they happen in children more than you might think for some common sense reasons.

First, children are in a period of fast growth and development and one of increased exploration of the world. That implies they're going to have a lot of falls and bumps since their bodies are constantly changing. Long hours spent learning at a desk can also cause strain on the spine. Researchers have identified learning workstations as a factor in musculoskeletal discomfort in school-aged children.

What Parents Should Watch For in Children

There are common symptoms of subluxation that parents can keep an eye out for, such as:

Fatigue and lethargy

Mood swings

Inability to concentrate

Easily distracted

A weakened immune system

Increased allergies

Complaints of headaches

Back pain

Reduced mobility

Incorrect posture

Sleep issues

Symptoms of subluxation might coincide with symptoms of a wide range of other problems. This is why it is critical for parents to resist the urge to self-diagnose their children.

It is better to have your child see a chiropractor if you feel they are suffering from subluxation. Chiropractors use extremely specialized diagnostic procedures to locate a subluxation gently and effectively.

Can Infants have a Subluxation?

Childbirth is a traumatic process that can cause subluxation in a newborn. Pushing the baby down the birth canal can cause an injury. Also, the person assisting the birth, such as an obstetrician or midwife, might pull down on the baby to help move the delivery forward. That pulling motion can also put a strain on the baby’s neck and back.

It is harder for parents of infants to tell if there is subluxation, though. Some symptoms to watch in infants include:

Frequent colic

Chronic earaches

Difficulty crawling

Poor gait when walking

Poor concentration

If the baby cries often and you don’t know why, it might be wise to see a chiropractor to determine if this is the cause.

Is the Chiropractic Treatment the Same for Children?

Chiropractors do not employ the same treatments on newborns and small children as on larger children or adults. Chiropractors use extremely mild, subtle treatments to rectify subluxations, taking into account a child’s fragility and softness of bones and cartilage.

They will exert very mild pressure on the immediate location of the subluxation until the bone is pushed back into place. A very gentle therapeutic massage loosens up tight muscles surrounding the afflicted area.

Do Children Need Chiropractic Treatment At All?

Subluxations that develop throughout infancy and childhood are not something they will outgrow. They will likely get worse, especially as the child becomes more active.

If you suspect your child might have a subluxation, it is time to get treatment. Parents who live in or around Anchorage should contact the Ireland Clinic of Chiropractic to find out more or make an appointment.